Loved Ones Can Recover Compensation with the Help of a Plane Crash Attorney

Aviation accidents frequently result in the death of passengers of aircraft or the pilots that were operating them. The wrongful death of a passenger may occur during the course of a commercial aviation, general aviation, or air ambulance flight. While no amount of money can ever bring back a loved one, our role at Bohrer & Lukeman is to bring you some sense of justice for your sudden and incomprehensible loss and to win full and fair compensation for these victims’ survivors. A plane crash attorney from our firm will fight for the maximum monetary award that compensates the victims’ estate for the economic and non-economic (pain and suffering) caused by the loss. The laws governing wrongful death may vary from state to state and may even be governed by the Montreal Convention in the event that the death occurred during the course of an international flight.

How We Help With Your Claim

Our plane crash lawyers are also experienced wrongful death attorneys and are familiar with the steps that must be taken in the event of a loss of life arising out of an aviation accident.

We will:

Prepare and submit surrogate court papers to appoint a legal representative for the estate.

Prior to filing a lawsuit, we must have a person appointed as the legal representative for the estate. Our attorneys will take all of the necessary steps to assist you with the appointment process. We will go to surrogate’s court and submit all of the necessary petitions and if the decendent had a will, assist with submitting it to probate. The administrator also has the job of making sure that any monies received by the estate are properly distributed according to the laws of the state where the administrator is appointed. A judge known as a surrogate also oversees the administrator’s actions, has the power to approve any settlement and insures that the rights of all persons with a legal interest in the estate are protected.

We have experienced estate attorneys to assist victims’ families with the tasks of establishing and settling the victims’ estate, appointing guardians, and obtaining necessary letters of administration following an air disaster.

We have successfully represented non-US residents in United States courts and are familiar with the procedures for having estates established and administered in the United States for non-U.S. residents .

Launch our own investigation into the cause of the crash

Human and mechanical error are the leading causes of aviation disasters. Government agencies often investigate the causes of such disasters but do not always determine the cause of the loss. A plane crash attorney from our firm will closely monitor those government investigations but will, when necessary, also retain its own experts to determine the cause of the crash. We do not hesitate to hire the world’s leading experts in piloting, aircraft design, metallurgy, crashworthiness, meteorology, air traffic control, avionics, computer technology and other fields as necessary to prove the cause of an accident.

Gather the documents and evidence to prove the value of damages to the estates and your loved ones

Our plane crash lawyers will simultaneously collect evidence that is necessary to prove the damages which will help place a monetary value on the case. We will compile official documents, birth, school, tax, earnings, medical records, licenses, photographs and deposition testimony. We will hire economic experts to determine the value of economic loss to the estates as well as determine what physical and emotional pain passengers experienced prior to and following the accident.

If you reside outside of the United States, we will also assist you with any travel arrangements to the US that may be necessary in connection with this litigation and will provide you with airfare and hotel accommodations during your stay.

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We will advance the entire cost of the litigation and you will owe Bohrer & Lukeman no money unless there is a settlement or verdict in your favor. Contact our firm today to start the claim process.