Have you or a loved one been injured in a construction accident?

Abram Bohrer has published case law opinions in Labor Law litigation and has represented demolition workers, iron workers, asbestos abatement workers, carpenters and other tradesmen who have been killed or seriously injured during the course of construction projects.

New York has some of the strongest laws in the country to protect construction workers who are injured during the course of a construction excavation or demolition project. Sections 240 and 241 of the New York State Labor Law were written many years ago and give construction workers who are injured as a result of height and gravity related injuries an absolute right to recover money damages against the general contractors and commercial landowners of the project where the injury or accident took place.

These laws require all owners, their agents and contractors to make sure that workers be protected by scaffolding or other safety devices and that provide reasonable and adequate safety and protection to persons engaged in the construction project.

Scaffold and Elevated Work Area Cases
In New York, thousands of construction workers spend much of their careers working on scaffolds, cranes booms, hi/lows or other elevated platforms. These are amongst the most dangerous places to work. Scaffolds can break, collapse, shift, or fall due to a number of different reasons ranging from improper assembly, high wind, or being struck by other objects.

At the law office of Bohrer & Lukeman, we understand the risks that workers take when they work on a scaffold or in an elevated work area. We recognize the great sacrifice every worker makes who puts on a hard hat and climbs onto a scaffold, rig or crane. He places his well being, his life at risk. Our job is to make sure that he doesn’t also place the future and security of his family and loved ones at risk at the same time. We understand that those workers are entitled to special protection under the law and insure that his family and loved ones are aggressively represented by a team of lawyers and experts in the event of a construction site accident.

Our experience teaches us that the hours and days following a construction accident are critical, so we work overtime to protect our clients’ interests and future. We dispatch our own team of investigators to collect evidence, interview witnesses, take photographs and make sure that we preserve whatever information is critical to winning our clients’ case. We work with the top construction experts in the field and spare no expense in determining the cause of the accident and who was at fault. We don’t stop working for you until we have answers. The insurance companies immediately send out a team of investigators whose sole job is to protect that insurance company’s money. Why wouldn’t you want a law firm doing the same for you?

We also recognize that your family and your future are the most important things to you so we also hire medical, economic and vocational experts to analyze the value of your future loss of salary, pension and benefits. Basically, we leave no stone unturned in handling our most important client, you.