Each day, attorneys go to bat for their clients. They listen to some of the hardest moments of their clients’ lives on repeat—scanning photos and videos of the traumatic events to find where justice should be served. Personal injury attorneys don’t just do this because it’s their profession. They do it because they genuinely care for their clients and hope to help them see the light after a challenging period.

Abe Bohrer and David Zeitzoff are my Batman and Robin. Throughout the time we worked together, they were kind, patient, and supportive. This team was sure to email and call me every time there was a new development. I cannot thank you both for the amazing treatment you gave me. I am very honored to call you my family.

Theresa Etts

After a traumatic injury during an airline turbulence event, resulting in 6 broken bones in my foot and ankle, my husband was lucky to find Abe Bohrer in a Google search.
We were impressed from our first interaction; Abe patiently answered our many questions and led us through each step to launching the claim. Both he and his team were always quick to respond to my emails and calls. Abe has an easygoing and professional way about him that immediately put us at ease. He also has a great sense of humour! We felt like he treated our case as he would his own family.
I’m not surprised at all that his firm has been voted Super Lawyer from 2007 to present!
I will forever be indebted to Abe for the incredible amount of work he did for me. The case is now closed and has resulted in changing our lives forever. I encourage anyone with an airline incident to get in touch with Abe Bohrer (he also handles other claims-check his website).
Eternally grateful, thank you Abe! Hope to see you on the ski hills!

Kim Stratten

Abe Bohrer is a fantastic attorney – no aspect of my case was too small for his undivided attention. From the the first day I met him in his office, he treated me like family. His office remained attentive and connected to me throughout my case. 10/10 I recommend anyone with an airline case to hire Mr. Bohrer.

Sanfo Bassirou

A good attorney is worth their weight in gold. Abe Bohrer is that guy, he is responsive , patient , knows his stuff and keeps his clients informed. Abe made sure I knew everything that was going on and what the strategy would be going forward. He and his firm understand what competent knowledgeable legal representation means with no questions left unanswered they work extremely hard for their clients, He and his firm are my lawyers for life.

David Atkinson

I was injured on a flight to our best friend’s wedding when the cabin had a pressure issue and we had to make an emergency landing. I consulted with Abe and he was eager to take my case and work diligently for a resolution. He was always very responsive, forthright, sincere and thorough. He answered his phone most times when I called and when he couldn’t, he returned my call promptly. Whenever I worked with someone else on his team, they were also very helpful and courteous. Abe was very thorough in his explanations of the process and very transparent regarding what to expect as we proceeded. I had never been represented by a lawyer before so I felt as though I needed a bit of “hand holding” and he was happy to oblige. The deposition was a pretty nerve wracking process but Abe made it so much easier to handle and was there with me every step of the way… it was very comforting. Covid happened while Abe was trying to negotiate a settlement for me, but he was able to schedule it virtually and in the end the settlement exceeded my expectations. Abe is a competent, honest and highly skilled attorney (not to mention a kind and compassionate person) who fought for me every step of the way and I will be forever grateful he took my case and stood in my corner. I cannot say enough about Abe and his team and I am more than satisfied with the outcome of my case! Thanks Abe!

Beth Kohl

I suffered injures on a return flight from vacation and I attempted to hire an attorney – my efforts were unsuccessful. After countless failed attempts, I was tempted to give up. I made one last call to Bohrer & Lukeman (that was the best call ever). I spoke with Abe Bohrer and he was very friendly and informative right from the start. He made me feel very comfortable with him and informed me that he would take my case.
Mr. Bohrer worked diligently on my case and I am pleased. I will definitely refer him to those in need of a great attorney. Thank you Abe and Adriana for all of your help. I greatly appreciate you both.


I got hurt on a flight and thank the google gods I ended upon the Abe’s website. I wanted a lawyer that would care for me, my family make sure we get home ok. That was Abe Boher. I needed a lawyer that would know the law and exercise patience, that was Abe Boher. Abe kept open line of communications and kept be abreast of everything that happening along the way. His staff did a fantastic job of prepping me for deposition. I felt an very intimidating process was not so intimidating. His staff was prompt to return messages. Despite of Covid Abe was able to achieve the desired results. I can summarize this by saying Abe was Kind, Caring , Compassionate but tough.

Sameer Handa

Nothing but the best to say about Bohrer & Lukeman. After our incident we were unsure of who to turn to for help, but after researching and looking at reviews we found Bohrer & Lukeman. They handled our case in a very professional manner and were very personable by visiting us in person and keeping us informed with updates throughout the legal process. Although what happened to my family cannot be undone, I believe the outcome was favorable and justice was served courtesy of the team at Bohrer & Lukeman- I cannot recommend them enough.

Fida Shah

Mr. Abe Bohrer and his team assisted my father with his legal matters after he suffered from a fall on his trip back from South America to the United States. Given the fact that the incident occurred outside of the US, it was challenging to find a law firm with experience in that field of aviation. We were so happy when we contacted Mr. Bohrer and learn of all his knowledge and expertise in this field. Mr. Bohrer’s help was a beacon of hope for my father during his pain and suffering. He was patient and kind to my family during a very difficult time. He organized for my father to receive physical therapy during his recovery. My disabled father, who suffers from polio, fractured a fibula bone in one of his legs upon entering a aircraft due to negligence. Mr. Bohrer provided exceptional medical and legal guidance to my father during his time of need. He fought for my father when my father was unable to fight for himself. Our family is truly grateful for Mr. Bohrer’s hard work and dedication. We were very pleased with the outcome of the legal battle.

Nat Narine

Bohrer and Lukeman helped me so much when I suffered a serious ankle fracture. They took care of everything that needed to be done. Mr Bohrer always returned my calls and e mails and took the time to explain the process to me carefully. They really cared about me and made sure I was in the best hands. Abe Bohrer is the best lawyer. You can trust him completely. I highly reccomend him.

Piedad R