The Manhattan aviation lawfirm of Bohrer & Lukeman has filed a lawsuit in the federal court in Brooklyn on behalf of a passenger injured in the 2011 crash landing of a Caribbean Airliner in Guyana.

The action entitled Johnson v. Caribbean Airlines, LTD was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York on January 10, 2013. It was consolidated into Multi District Litigation(MDL)2395 entitled AIR CRASH AT GEORGETOWN, GUYANA, ON JULY 30, 2011 which has joined together other lawsuits filed around the country regarding this airline crash.

The lawsuit, brought pursuant to the Montreal Convention, alleges that the airline and its pilots were negligent in failing to properly land the airliner thus causing the crash.

It seeks damages for both physical and emotional injuries suffered by the passenger as a result of the crash landing of the Boeing 737 which overshot the runway in rain and poor visibility.