Aviation Accident Attorney

Bohrer & Lukeman is a full service personal injury law focused on the rights of accident victims injured during the course of commercial and general aviation. Founded by aviation lawyer and trial attorney Abe Bohrer, our lawyers have over 25 years of experience representing the estates of victims who have perished in aviation accidents, airline disasters, general aviation airplane crashes, as well as passengers seriously injured during the course of airline flights, in airports, or during the course of boarding and disembarking airplanes.

Our mantra and commitment is the aggressive representation of our clients to insure that they or their loved ones receive full and fair compensation for their loss, or life changing injuries. We hire and work with the top experts and engineers in the industry, and spare no expense in the investigation of an in-flight aviation or airline injury, airplane crash or airport accident. We are also compassionate and sensitive and recognize the importance of empathy, listening to and giving our clients the attention they deserve and need.

Our aviation accident lawyers are experienced in all phases of aviation accident investigation. Whether it is the NTSB, FAA or ATC, we utilize all available government resources and agency data and research all possible causes of an aviation accident or injury, airplane crash or airport accident. Whether the cause of a potential aviation accident or injury is pilot error, flight attendant or other airline employee negligence, extreme weather, mechanical or product failure, design defects, air traffic control negligence, or improper maintenance, our aviation accident lawyers will work tirelessly to determine the cause and bring our clients the justice they deserve.  

We have litigated and won aviation and airline injury and wrongful death cases for airplane accidents that occurred on both international and domestic flights. Our airplane accident lawyers have represented the families of persons injured or killed in commercial airline aviation disasters loss of commercial, private jet and propeller aircraft as well as passengers injured from emergency evacuations and flight attendant inflicted injuries. We have also represented countless passengers injured in airports both in the United States and internationally.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Over the firm’s 25 years in business, we have successfully litigated claims against Air Canada, Alitalia, American, Austrian, Caribbean, Continental Delta, El Al Israel, Emirates, Ethiopian, Etihad, Eva, Qatar, Jetblue, Air Jamaica, Korean Air, , Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Tower Air, United, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic and others.
But you don’t have to travel to us in order to retain and work with our firm. We utilize the latest technology and often communicate with our clients around the world via Zoom, Skype and other videoconferencing programs. If you would like to retain our firm and are too injured to travel to us, we can connect by Zoom, or may also be able to make arrangements to travel to visit with you.

If you reside outside of the US, we can help you with any travel arrangements to the United States that may be necessary in connection with your claim. Once we take your case, we will advance the entire cost of the litigation and you will owe us no money unless there is a settlement or verdict in your favor.

So if you have lost a loved one in an airplane crash or aviation accident, or have been injured on an airplane or in an airport, or otherwise hurt during the course of any airline flight, call the airplane accident lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman for an immediate and free consultation.



Abram “Abe” Bohrer

Aviation has always been in my blood and part of my DNA. Prior to the existence of modern-day overnight air express couriers, my father was an air freight forwarder who would deliver truck- loads of air freight to the airlines and airports. From a young age, I would watch and listen as the massive exotically painted airliners from all corners of the world roared overhead and into JFK Airport in New York. My father wasn’t a pilot, but he was devoted to and loved by his customers. Over time, he too looked to the skies and imagined that he could grow his company and provide his clients with a service similar to that of the airlines whose jets shook the warehouses where he loaded and unloaded his trucks. With all his savings and courage, he purchased a small Cessna 402B twin engine that he planned would deliver freight on a route the airlines were not servicing. However, within a matter of days, the airlines he knew, trusted and did business with for years flexed their muscle and forced him to stop operating. The Cessna and his dream were soon gone. Corporate America had silenced the little guy.

It was at that moment I realized my mission was to speak up against the mighty and all-powerful corporations and seek justice for those that could not speak for themselves. Law school was where I would learn to fight to level the playing field and give a voice to victims.  I worked hard in law school, where he was on the Dean’s List all semesters, won Best Oral Advocate, was a member of the Law Review and graduated near the top of my class Cum Laude.

But still, it was those early years of loading my dad’s truck that paved the way for the connection with and devotion to my clients. I learned that the attorney-client relationship is sacred and confidential. Attorneys need to listen to and respect their clients. One of the primary complaints I hear from potential clients is that their previous lawyers either did not really make them feel heard or listened to, or even worse, did not return their calls or emails. I often hear that prior to contacting our firm, the prospective client consulted with another lawyer who could or would not take the necessary time to explain the law. I founded Bohrer & Lukeman on the bedrock principle that our client’s trust and comfort is paramount. Our clients have entrusted their very important legal matters to us, and it is our job to retain that trust throughout our relationship. My father taught me by example the importance and value of those relationships and always went the extra mile to make sure his clients’ freight arrived as promised.

Eventually, my passion for advocacy brought me back to my roots once passengers injured by airline negligence found their way into my office. We have been working overtime for them ever since. For nearly 30 years, I have practiced in state and federal court, taught and lectured on aviation and personal injury law. I have been a member of New York State Trial Lawyers Association, and a previous Vice-Chairman, Aviation and Space Law Committee, Tort Law Section of the American Bar Association from 2004-2005. I have been honored to deliver the closing argument at the American Bar Association’s “Aviation on Trial” program in New York City, be a panelist on various other aviation law and federal practice panels, and a repeat lecturer and instructor for Lawline’s continuing legal education programs.

When you call our firm, you can always ask for and speak directly to me. My pledge is to always give you the time and attention that you need to make an informed decision about representation. I understand that a serious injury can have a disruptive, costly, and potentially catastrophic impact on your life or that of a loved one.  Aviation accidents and injuries can result in devastating consequences. I am often asked by prospective clients, “how will I continue to support my family, pay my mortgage or medical expenses, or be able to keep my child in school.” We know the stakes are high and the lawyer whom you choose can make all the difference.

David Zeitzoff

David Zeitzoff represents accident victims in all aspects of litigation in New York and Federal courtrooms, including automobile accidents, New York Labor Law claims, wrongful death actions, and premises liability claims. 

Mr. Zeitzoff’s aggressive approach ensures that he acquires all evidence favorable to his clients. A seasoned trial attorney, he has tried 21 jury trials with an outstanding success rate.  He has also successfully tried numerous bench trials and questioned hundreds of witnesses. Mr. Zeitzoff has obtained summary judgment for his clients and negotiated countless favorable settlements.

Mr. Zeitzoff began his career as a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Houston, Texas.  He continued his career at the Union County Prosecutor’s Office in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Prior to joining Bohrer and Lukeman, Mr. Zeitzoff worked for three years representing New York defendants in civil litigation for an Am Law 200 firm.

Mr. Zeitzoff is a member of the New York and New Jersey bars and admitted to practice in the federal courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.  He received his B.A. from the University of Rochester and his J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center. Mr. Zeitzoff regularly donates his time to judge law school mock trial competitions, providing guidance to law student competitors on how best to hone their trial skills and techniques.