Many of our aviation injury, airport and airplane accident cases and clients come to us by way of referral from other lawyers. For nearly thirty years, we have accepted and worked closely with referring attorneys from around the US and overseas, and earned our colleagues millions of dollars in co-counsel fees. We have developed a strong, loyal network of referring colleagues and friends whose reputation is affected by the law firm they recommend to the family who has lost a loved one in an airplane crash, or a current or former client injured in an aviation or airport accident. We understand that the stronger the outcome for the client, the better it reflects on our referrers, and we take that very seriously. It’s one of the reasons that we have been endorsed on AVVO and other legal websites by other lawyers and law firms.

We highly value our legal colleagues and count some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms among our repeat referring counsel. Indeed, it is among the ultimate honor and vote of confidence when another lawyer advises their client to enlist the counsel of our firm.

We are flexible and can tailor a level of participation to the satisfaction of referring counsel. Whether it is a straight referral, a co-counsel or joint co-working arrangement, or even a local counsel association, we can make it happen and share legal fees pursuant to all applicable rules of professional conduct.

Call or email us if your law firm would like to refer or work together with us on behalf of a client who has been lost in an airplane crash, or otherwise injured in an aviation, airplane or airport accident.

We also look love connecting with new friends and colleagues so please reach out to us if you are interested in collaborating with us as local counsel in future matters in your geographical area.