Bohrer & Lukeman is experiened in fighting for the rights of auto and trucking accident victims. If you or a loved one has been seriuosly injured in an auto accident call or email us today.

Over the last 17 years, Abram Bohrer has handled hundreds of car accident cases on behalf of his clients resulting in millions of dollars in recoveries in both personal injury and wrongful death litigation. He has represented pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, passengers and drivers of both passenger cars and trucks against negligent drivers and has experience in the trial of automobile accident cases in both New York and New Jersey.

Victims of auto accidents should not just assume that any attorney can handle their auto accident case. New laws and technology have radically changed the way experienced practitioners approach the litigation of a seriuos auto accident cases.

New autos are more commonly equipped with on board data preservation devices(more commonly known as “black boxes”)that record a variety of forces and functions of the automobile in teh seconds leading up to and following an auto collisions. These black boxes must be preserved immediately following a crash to insure that their data is safe and properly preserved in a readable format, and legally admissible into evidence.

After being retained by a new client in a serious auto accident case, Bohrer & Lukeman goes to work to insure that a complete investigation is performed that preserves all of the potential evidence. This includes dispatching an experienced accident investigator to the scene to look for witnesses, take measurements, photos and preserve whatever else the police may have left behind.

When necessary, we employ accident reconstruction experts and biomechanical engineers to help juries understand the relationship between the physical evidence and effects on the human body.

Frequently, we dig deeper and investigate the role that the automobile’s design or crashworthines played in our clients’ injuries, whether it is an airbag’s failure to deploy, or other defect that was caused by the car’s manufacturer.

We have litigated against many major auto manufacturers for design and manufacturing defects ranging from fuel system failures to defective tire jacks. We regularly retain and work with leading experts who are former auto designers, crash safety experts, mettalurgists, and other experts in the field of auto safety and design.


Trucking and tractor trailer accidents are different than basic automobile cases. They require a different degree of knowledge, prepation, investigation, discovery and different experts. An attorney handling a major trucking accident case must be familiar with the dynamics of the tractor trailer, the effect of a load’s weight on the the truck’s handling abilities and stopping distances. He or she must be prepared to retain multiple experts, conduct numerous videotaped depositions of different corporate employees from safety, maintenance and management.There are also many potential defendants,or proper parties to sue, ranging from the driver, owner and operators of the trucks, to the trailer leasing agents, the parties who loaded the trailers, and shippers themselves. We are experienced in all aspects of the litigation of major tractor trailer accidents and know what to look for: from trucking company safety policies, federal laws that govern drivers’ road limits and sleep/rest requirements, on board trucking computer and navigation systems.