In addition to being a seasoned aviation attorney, Abram Bohrer is an experienced negligence practitioner who has litigated major personal injury actions and won millions of dollars in trials and settlements for clients arising out of:

Auto accidents

Over the last 17 years, Abram Bohrer has handled hundreds of car accident cases on behalf of his clients resulting in millions of dollars in recoveries in both personal injury and wrongful death litigation. He has represented pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, passengers and drivers of both passenger cars and trucks against negligent drivers and has experience in the trial of automobile accident cases in both New York and New Jersey.

Maritime and boating accidents

We have represented passengers and crew members in all aspects of Marine accident litigation including the high profile crash of the Staten Island Ferry vessel Andrew J. Barberi in October 2003.

Construction and work place accidents

We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of laborers injured in construction related accidents and are fully familiar with the New York Law 240, 241 et seq. Abram Bohrer has published case law opinions in Labor Law litigation and has represented demolition workers, iron workers, asbestos abatement workers, carpenters and other tradesmen who have been killed or seriously injured during the course of construction projects.

Premises liability

Mr. Bohrer has recovered millions of dollars for victims injured as the result of negligent municipalities, commercial business owners and operators. He has successfully sued many of the largest national chains and real estate operators who created dangerous and hazardous conditions in their places of business. He has also litigated “dram shop” cases against bar owners and social hosts who have permitted visibly intoxicated patrons and guests to continue to buy and drink alcohol, only to cause harm to an innocent third party later on.

Product liability claims
(see Product Liability section)

Product Liability is an area of law which holds liable any manufacturer, distributor, supplier, retailer or other who makes a product available for use to the public, whether directly or indirectly, for the injury or wrongful death that the product may cause. In the case of an airplane or helicopter, the product may be the airplane or helicopter itself, as a whole, but it might also be any of the numerous, individual component parts that go into the design and construction of the aircraft.


Police brutality/assault and civil rights violations

Abram Bohrer has won significant awards on behalf of victims whose civil rights have been violated by law enforcement officials in both New York and New Jersey, including a $1.5 million police brutality settlement against the City of New York. He is familiar with “1983” litigation in federal court and remains committed to the rights of innocent victims injured by police misconduct.