Helicopter travel has entered the mainstream, and is no longer reserved for the military and special operations seen so often in the movies. We now routinely charter and use helicopters for air ambulances, law enforcement, corporate transportation, sight seeing tours and other forms of recreation.

Helicopter Accident Attorneys

Most people, however, do not realize that helicopters are among the most dangerous forms of transportation, crashing up to 90 times more than fixed wing aircraft, often resulting in death and serious injury.

The airplane accident lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman note that in the world of Aviation, helicopter accidents are, unfortunately, extremely common. The NTSB, in its 2002 preliminary statistics stated that out of approximately 1,700 helicopter accidents, 57% resulted in death. They further noted that out of 1,800 civil aviation accidents, 60% were fatal.

Most helicopter crashes are caused by:

1) Pilot error and negligence
2) Defective parts
3) Defective design of the helicopter
4) Improper maintenance
5) Engine failure
6) Problematic weather and/or terrain
7) Visual look out inadequate


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When bringing a case involving a helicopter crash, our flight injury lawyers work closely with aviation and legal engineers, helicopter crash experts, and accident investigators from all over the world to not only uncover what went wrong, but to bring the strongest case against whomever is liable. Any and all legal theories and remedies under product liability law, negligence law and aviation law are pursued on behalf of our crash victims and their families, whether there has been a wrongful death or serious injury. At Bohrer & Lukeman, our airplane accident lawyers gather the facts and are always prepared to litigate, going to trial when it is in our client’s best interest. Call or contact us today if you or a loved one has been involved in a helicopter accident.