Wage and labor theft and violations of airport and aviation service workers

The employee rights lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman have been protecting the rights of injured workers and their families since 1992. But many airport employees, aviation support and other flight service workers don’t know that we also handle wage and labor claims on behalf of workers who have been the victims of wage theft and other unfair labor practices by their employers.

Some of the examples are:

  • Making you work off of the clock and not including the time in your’ paycheck.
  • Making you work during lunch or other breaks.
  • Misclassification of workers as supervisors so you don’t get paid overtime;
  • Shortened time on work breaks;
  • Loss of wages when waiting to check-in for work because of long security lines;
  • Restriction of where employees can go and eat during lunch, meals and breaks;
  • Less than minimum wage for tipped employees;
  • Failure to pay a uniform maintenance fee;

Many aviation industry workers have been the victims of wage theft by their employers.

These include:

  • Gate agents
  • Wheelchair attendants
  • Customer service agents
  • Baggage and luggage handlers
  • “Skycap” attendants
  • Terminal cleaners

Airport and Aviation Workers may be protected under both the FLSA and state wage and labor laws. If an employer has deprived you and your co-workers of your fair wages, you may have a claim against them. If they are found to have violated your rights and broken the law, they will have to pay you back your wages, and in some cases double your wages or more! They are also required to pay your legal fees if they are found to have violated your rights.

Your employer also cannot retaliate against you if you file a wage and hour claim against your employer.

There is no charge to speak with us and no obligation to retain the legal services of our firm. We will only charge a legal fee if we recover money for you.

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