General Aviation

General Aviation - Airplane Accident Attorney

General aviation refers to flights other than those operated by airlines or the military. It generally calls to mind both owned and leased executive jets, pilot owned and operated propeller aircraft, gliders and other experimental aircraft. Air Ambulances are also included under the umbrella of general aviation. Recently there have been an epidemic of fatal crashes involving air ambulances and the industry is coming under increased scrutiny. Frequently, flights operated in general aviation originate from and terminate in small airports and do not require the filing of a flight plan. Litigation arising from general aviation accidents require extensive investigation and knowledge of a variety of laws and theories ranging from statutes of repose that protect the manufacturers of older aircraft from product liability claims, a careful study of weather and environmental factors, the experience, qualifications, judgments and actions of the pilot in charge, directions of air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance and the functionality of the aircraft’s systems and instruments.

Tragically, many general aviation accidents result in the wrongful death of the aircraft’s pilots and/or passengers. Our firm has represented individuals injured and killed during the course of general aviation accidents. From the moment we are retained, we gather all relevant evidence and data and commence an investigation into the cause of the accident. We closely monitor all government investigations and retain and work with our own team of experts to develop often overlooked theories of recovery.

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