If someone has been accidentally injured by a food service cart impact while aboard an airplane, they need the services of airplane accident lawyers familiar with in-flight injury law. The aviation accident lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman are experienced with injuries and accidents that occur as a result of food and beverage cart impacts during flight. Call us at (212) 406-4232 or fill out our contact form today.

When it’s time for your scheduled beverage or meal service to begin, the clock starts ticking. Flight attendants have a limited time to serve the entire cabin, and the pressure the airlines put on these tired and overworked employees means they are not above putting your safety at risk as they barrel down the aisles with a cart that has the power of a battering ram.

In-flight service carts loaded with drinks and ice can weigh hundreds of pounds. Aircraft aisles are narrow, and often, passengers fall asleep with limbs protruding into the aisle. Add to this that flight attendants have limited floor visibility and limited time to serve drinks and meals, and it’s a wonder there aren’t more service cart impacts. An impact between a service cart and a knee, elbow ankle or foot can seriously fracture and permanently injure a passenger. Every year, many passengers are injured by direct impacts from these rolling metal carts.

Airplane Accident Attorney - Service Cart Impacts

If a passenger contacts the airline directly about an injury from a service cart impact, the airline may tell the passenger that it is a matter of personal liability that they were struck; however, flight attendants have a duty of care to passengers that requires them to make sure that no passengers are in harm’s way when the carts are being wheeled through the aisles. If you or someone you know is injured in a service cart impact, do not contact the airline directly to negotiate a settlement; you need an experienced airplane accident attorney to get you the full compensation you deserve.

Bohrer & Lukeman’s airplane accident lawyers have years of experience litigating service impact cases against airlines. In one action, we represented a professional athlete whose career was significantly impaired by a direct blow from a service cart in flight. We spared no expense on his behalf and went to trial in the action before the airline agreed to settle.

In another recent case, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a passenger struck in the head by a runaway service cart, resulting in a brain injury. The service cart was fully stocked, weighing upwards of 300lbs. Despite an impact which resulted in a large gash across the passenger’s forehead, severe bleeding and loss of consciousness, the pilot choose to continue two hours to their destination rather than make an emergency landing. A nurse and other passengers cared for the victim of this service cart impact as the cabin crew lacked the proper training to do so, despite having a legal obligation to do so. It is in real-life situations like this where you need aggressive airplane accident lawyer ready to fight the airlines on your behalf. 

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Some of our Notable service cart injury cases:

  • Lawsuit filed against Envoy Air operating as American Eagle by off-duty flight attendant who suffered a severe elbow injury requiring surgery after being struck by a service cart cabin crew failed to secure;
  • Representation of a United Airlines passenger whose knee was injured when struck by food service cart;
  • Lawsuit filed against ICELANDAIR on behalf of a seated passenger who suffered a leg fracture just prior to landing in Reykjavik after being struck by a food service cart that broke loose and barreled down the aircraft aisle.