For some passengers, particularly the aged and handicapped, the most dangerous part of air travel can be in the airport terminal before or after the flight. Escalators, moving luggage carts and courtesy wagons, slippery floors, and other passengers with luggage create obstacles that can cause serious harm or even death.

Flight Injury Lawyer - Airport Falls

At Bohrer & Lukeman, you will find a flight attorney who has represented numerous passengers and recovered millions of dollars for injuries occurring in the airport terminal itself. Our recent victories include a significant confidential settlement on behalf of a woman who fell on a slippery floor in a foreign airport due to a leaking roof. She required an air ambulance back to the United States and underwent multiple hip replacements.

Our airplane accident lawyers also settled an action on behalf of an aged woman who was supposed to be escorted to the terminal exit by the airline and sky cap company but was abandoned at the top of an escalator and knocked down by falling luggage.

In some instances, flight injuries that occur outside of the United States can be brought in US Courts if the injury occurred as the result of an “accident” as defined by the Montreal Convention. Many clients and even attorneys wrongly believe that they cannot sue in the United States because the accident occurred in a foreign airport.

If you or a loved one were injured in an airport fall, call Bohrer & Lukeman today for a free consultation with an airport or airplane accident attorney.