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The Law Office of Bohrer & Lukeman is committed to the representation of airline passengers injured during the course of commercial or general aviation flights. Our flight injury lawyers represent the estates of victims who have perished in aviation disasters, and airline passengers seriously injured during a flight, or during the course of boarding or disembarking aircraft. We are experienced and aggressive attorneys who have recovered millions of dollars for our clients injured by airlines.

Airplane Accident and Flight Injury Lawyers

As a seasoned aviation, negligence and products liability law firm, our team is familiar with cases involving duties to warn, and breaches of express and implied warranties in the aviation field. We spare no expense in the retention of top engineers and experts to investigate the causes of aviation accidents and use all available government resources and agency data in the course of litigation. A flight injury lawyer from Bohrer and Lukeman will investigate all possible causes of an aviation accident whether it is pilot error, mechanical or material failure, design defects, air traffic control negligence, and improper maintenance. 

Abram Bohrer is among the only attorneys in the entire United States to have successfully tried to verdict a case involving the treaty known as the Warsaw Convention which governs international commercial air travel. This landmark decision scored a major victory for airline passengers rights under the Convention.

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In-flight, Boarding, Disembarking Accidents and Injuries

Thankfully, commercial aviations disasters and related are extremely low. However, thousands of commercial aviation passengers are injured every year in-flight as a result of:


Turbulence is one of the most common causes of flight injuries among passengers. It can result from weather, the wakes of other aircraft, or just clear air currents. 

Coffee and Hot Liquid Burns

Burns are serious flight injuries and can require immediate emergency medical care. Every year, many passengers are burned by flight attendants. Typically, the flight attendants fail to exercise reasonable case when they are pouring scalding beverages into flimsy plastic cups supported by thin plastic trays. Any movement of the aircraft, or even being bumped by another flight attendant or passenger can cause a serious burn to an innocent passenger. A serious burn can require skin grafting surgery and leave permanent scarring. Morever, deep penetrating burns can permanently kill nerve endings and leave the affected area permanently discolored and numb. 

Service Cart Impacts

In-flight service carts loaded with drinks and ice can weigh hundreds of pounds. Aircraft aisles are narrow, and often, passengers fall asleep with limbs protruding into the aisle. An impact between a service cart and a knee, elbow, ankle or foot can seriously fracture and permanently injure a passenger. Every year, many passengers experience flight injuries by direct impacts from these rolling metal carts.

Overhead Bin Malfunctions

Passengers are familiar with the announcement to be careful when opening overhead bins as their contents may have shifted during flight. 

Airports Falls

For some passengers, particularly the aged and handicapped, the most dangerous part of air travel can be in the airport terminal before or after the flight. Airport falls are unfortunately very common.


Assaults or Acts by Fellow Passengers

In the landmark ruling of Wallace v. Korean Air Lines, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held that an airline could be liable to a sleeping passenger who was sexually assaulted by another passenger. The Court reasoned that long transcontinental flights where passengers sleep in close proximity to each other in darkened cabins placed passengers at risk of an assault from other passengers. 

Airlines that provide alcohol to visibly intoxicated passengers may also be held liable for the harm they cause to other passengers.

Defective Boarding Ramps and Jetways

Defective boarding ramps and jetways can lead to serious injuries. This also includes tarmac and transport bus collisions, airport terminal escalator, and baggage carousel malfunctions. 

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