New Jersey Transit’s commuter train crashed into a terminal wall killing at least 1 person and injured at least 114 others. The Hoboken crash happened during morning commute, on one of the busiest trains in the New Jersey/New York region.

About our Firm

Bohrer & Lukeman is a law firm experienced in handling all aspects of train and railroad accidents and injuries, both on behalf of passengers and railroad employees killed or seriously injured from train crashes and railway negligence.

Our Experience with Train and Railroad Accidents

Since its inception more than twenty years ago, the train and railroad lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman have represented the estates of those killed and seriously injured train passengers and workers throughout the United States in incidents and accidents involving railway collisions, collisions at railroad crossings with automobiles, New York City Subway collisions, and injuries to railroad works from toxic exposure pursuant to the FELA.

Cases we have Litigated

Some of the train and railway cases we have litigated:

  • The collision of a tractor trailer and Amtrak train near Reno, Nevada.
  • The collision of two New York City Subway cars within a NYC Subway station.
  • The collision of an Amtrak passenger train and freight train near Syracuse, New York
  • The death of a Florida railway engineer from a brain tumor caused by toxic exposure to industrial chemicals pursuant to the FELA

Expert Witnesses

We work with and retain the leading industrial industry expert witnesses to insure that we have access to all theories of liability, analysis of evidence ranging from locomotive operation, crossing signal operation, accident reconstruction, black box data analysis, railcar maintenance and other aspects of liability analysis.

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If you or a loved one have suffered a loss or injury as a result of the Hoboken train crash, contact the experienced the train crash accident and injury attorneys at Bohrer & Lukeman.