Ramps and jetways are frequently the scene of fall down accidents, particularly to older passengers and those with disabilities and limitations. Ramps and jetways are frequently portable and can be adjusted to meet the height and size requirements of various aircraft. Therefore, their positions are often changed in between flights to accommodate the next aircraft. As such, there might be changes in pitch, and movement in the floor surfaces that cause tripping and other hazards. These subtle variations can prove particularly harmful to the aged and disabled and cause thousands of injuries worldwide each year. Airlines, rather than accept responsibility and come to the aid of injured passengers, often accuse the passenger of being careless and are notorious for being insensitive and indifferent to the needs of the injured passenger.

In the event that the boarding accident occurs during the course of an international flight, the matter may be governed by the Montreal Convention that establishes nearly strict liability against the airline.

At Bohrer & Lukeman, we understand that boarding and jetway claims require immediate attention to preserve any defects or dangerous conditions that may have caused or contributed to the accident. Therefore, when we are retained in an airport or boarding accident claim, we immediately launch an investigation to preserve evidence of negligence or wrong doing, the names and identities of any witnesses and any other information that may assist us in wining your case. We always urge our clients not to attempt to contact the airline themselves or negotiate a settlement directly because of the many laws and other factors that they be unaware of.

Finally, since claims involving international flights may involve a shortened statute of limitations, we advise you to seek counsel immediately in order to preserve your rights.