Current Cases


Qatari Airlies, Head injury from falling overheard bag

Qatari Airlines, Severe burns to passenger after flight attendant drops scalding beverage during flight, Montreal Convention

Delta/Express Jet: Passenger suffers multiple fractures deplaning wet aircraft stairs in Cancun, Montreal Convention.

Delta/Air France: Elderly wheelchair dependent passenger suffers cardiac event after being forced to walk up roll up stairs by ground  handlers, Montreal Convention

United Airlines: Injury to passenger while boarding,  Montreal Convention

US Airways, Passenger suffers spinal injuries during encounter with turbulence, NTSB report faults airline.

US Airways: Dropped bag from overhead bin causes severe head, neck injury to passenger

British Airways: Overhead bin injury to passenger on flight from Ghana to Newark

Aer Lingus: Severe burns to child passenger

Virgin Atlantic: Hot beverage burn to young female passenger

Lufthansa: Injury in Galley causes foot fracture, lawsuit filed

Caribbean Airlines: Crash landing in Guyana

El Al Israel Airlines: Coffee Burn suffered by child passenger

Southwest Airlines: Failure to assist passenger with special needs with boarding 

Emirates: Slip and fall in terminal in Dubai

Delta: Leak in lavatory causes passenger to fall, undergo two surgeries

Virgin Atlantic: Failure to divert results in death of passenger 

United, Expressjet: Hot beverage burn to infant passenger 

Spirit Airlines: Fall on jetway during chaotic boarding causes fracture, surgery