Current Cases

Caribbean Airlines, turbulence results in spinal injuries 

Ethiopian Airlines, leg fractures, surgery as  passenger is knocked down on escalator leading into terminal from tarmac; Montreal Convention 

American Airlines, elderly passenger abandoned, sustains serious leg injuries on escalator en route to aircraft; Montreal Convention

Delta/Expressjet, lawsuit filed on behalf of passenger who fell on wet staircase, Montreal Convention

United Airlines, knee injury to passenger struck by food service cart

Jetblue, severe burns to passenger as scalding beverage slides off unlevel tray

Delta Air Lines, off duty pilot drops crew bag on fellow passenger’s head, severe head injury

Qatari Airlies, Head injury from falling overheard bag

Qatari Airlines, Severe burns to passenger after flight attendant drops scalding beverage during flight, Montreal Convention

Delta/Express Jet: Passenger suffers multiple fractures deplaning wet aircraft stairs in Cancun, Montreal Convention.

Delta/Air France: Elderly wheelchair dependent passenger suffers cardiac event after being forced to walk up roll up stairs by ground  handlers, Montreal Convention

United Airlines: Injury to passenger while boarding,  Montreal Convention

US Airways, Passenger suffers spinal injuries during encounter with turbulence, NTSB report faults airline.

US Airways: Dropped bag from overhead bin causes severe head, neck injury to passenger

British Airways: Overhead bin injury to passenger on flight from Ghana to Newark

Aer Lingus: Severe burns to child passenger

Virgin Atlantic: Hot beverage burn to young female passenger

Lufthansa: Injury in Galley causes foot fracture, lawsuit filed

Caribbean Airlines: Crash landing in Guyana

El Al Israel Airlines: Coffee Burn suffered by child passenger

Southwest Airlines: Failure to assist passenger with special needs with boarding 

Emirates: Slip and fall in terminal in Dubai

Delta: Leak in lavatory causes passenger to fall, undergo two surgeries

Virgin Atlantic: Failure to divert results in death of passenger 

United, Expressjet: Hot beverage burn to infant passenger 

Spirit Airlines: Fall on jetway during chaotic boarding causes fracture, surgery