Small Plane Vanishes Over Bermuda Triangle, Debris Found

May 17, 2017
Abram I. Bohrer

New York aviation accident attorneys Bohrer & Lukeman are closely monitoring the events surrounding the disappearance of a small plane over the Bermuda Triangle. On Monday, May 15, a twin-engine Mitsubishi MU-2B turboprop aircraft with four onboard went missing east of the island of Eleuthera. The US Coast Guard discovered debris from the plane late Tuesday afternoon. The plane crash lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman are closely following this story as it develops.

Nathan Ulrich, ex-husband of actress Rae Dawn Chong, was piloting the aircraft, which also carried Manhattan CEO Jennifer Blumin and her two young sons. The plane was en route from Puerto Rico to Titusville, Florida, when it vanished from radar approximately 37 miles east of Eleuthera, located in the Bahamas archipelago. The time was 2:10 p.m.

The plane was traveling at an altitude of 24,000 feet at a speed of 300 knots at the time of disappearance. Radio contact was also lost.

The US Coast Guard dispatched a search and recovery team to the area, which discovered a “debris field approx. 15 mi E of Eleuthera, Bahamas”, according to their official Twitter account. “Search for survivors continues, more to follow.”

“They recovered a few things to ID [the plane] and help the investigation,” said Eric Woodall, spokesperson for the Coast Guard. A seat was included among the debris.

The families of the missing persons are in shock and are attempting to stay optimistic in the face of uncertainty, despite fearing the worst.

Walter Ulrich, brother of the pilot, stated that “[Nathan is] an experienced pilot. I hope he’s treading water somewhere in the Caribbean… [still] it doesn’t look good right now.”

“He’s a really, really, really good pilot,” said the pilot’s ex-wife, Rae Dawn Chong, daughter of Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame. “For him to be missing, that’s not good.”

“We’re waiting for the Coast Guard to tell us whether our grandchildren and our children are alive,” said Jennifer Blumin’s father over a phone call with the New York Post.

“We’re waiting with bated breath for the Coast Guard to call.”

Jennifer Blumin, 40, is CEO of the Skylight Group, an event-planning firm based in Tribeca. Her sons are Phineas and Theodore, ages 4 and 10.

On Tuesday, May 16, the Coast Guard issued a press release, available here:

Aviation lawyer Abe Bohrer commented, “Given that this pilot was cruising at high altitude, i.e. 24,000 feet and had a routine exchange shortly before going missing without a distress call indicates a catastrophic emergency. There was a mom with her two young children aboard. This is clearly a heartbreaking situation, but given the warm temperatures in these Bahamian waters, you have to continue to pray for a miracle”

The aviation accident lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman will continue to monitor the events surrounding the Bermuda Triangle disappearance and will update their website with any information as it becomes available. The New York-based law firm has years of experience representing those injured or killed in general and commercial aviation incidents. Abe Bohrer, the firm’s founder, has successfully represented clients both domestically and internationally for over 25 years.