“Serious Turbulence” on Emirates flight leaves 23 injured

April 26, 2010
Abram I. Bohrer

Twenty passengers were injured aboard an Emirates flight from Dubai to Kochi after it encountered severe turbulence at 35,000 feet prior to descent into India. The Boeing 777-200 with 350 passengers dropped 200 feet during the events on Sunday morning.

Passengers were reportedly shouting and crying for help. The event lasted for approximately three minutes as passengers, including one child were thrown from their seats, some of whom hit their heads on the roof of the aircraft. Upon landing, many were taken from the aircraft by wheelchairs and transported to local hospitals.

The Montreal Convention governing international air travel permits passengers to recover damages for injuries sustained during turbulence aboard an international flight if they were hurt as a result of an accident. There is no need for the passengers to prove that the airline was at fault in either avoiding or failing to warn passengers of impending turbulence.

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