FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Our Firm Files First Federal Lawsuit in Turkish Airlines Flight TK-1 Turbulence Case

March 12, 2019
Abram I. Bohrer


New York Aviation Liability Law Firm Bohrer & Lukeman Files First Federal Lawsuit in Connection with March 9, 2019, Turkish Airlines Flight TK 1 Severe Turbulence Encounter That Left Over 30 People Injured

New York, NY March 11, 2019:

This afternoon, New York Aviation liability law firm Bohrer & Lukeman filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court in Brooklyn on behalf of Sead Nikaj, a passenger who sustained injuries aboard Turkish Airlines Flight TK 1 en route from Istanbul Turkey to JFK on March 9, 2019. The Boeing 777 Jumbo Jet struck severe turbulence over New England approximately 40 minutes prior to landing at New York’s JFK Airport despite warnings of severe turbulence in the region from the U.S. National Weather Service Aviation Division.

The turbulence propelled passengers and flight attendants through the air and into the aircraft ceiling, flung service items and personal belongings through the cabin, prompting the captain of the aircraft carrying 326 passengers and 18 crew members to declare an emergency. Videos taken in flight shortly after the incident revealed an aircraft cabin in disarray with broken ceiling panels, stained overhead bins, partially deployed oxygen masks and the looks of terror stricken passengers. Scores of ambulances and emergency service personnel met the aircraft at JFK and transported dozens of passengers, some on stretchers, others receiving oxygen, to local area hospitals for treatment.

Mr. Nikaj’s lawsuit, brought under the Montreal Convention governing international air travel, seeks unspecified damages for physical injuries and mental trauma and forces Turkish Airlines to prove it was not at fault in causing these passengers’ injuries or face unlimited liability.

Aviation attorney Abe Bohrer, reached at his Columbus Circle office noted, there’s no reason that this aircraft should have been surprised by and unprepared for this level of severe turbulence. There were severe weather warnings posted for the region, and these airplanes have sophisticated weather radar to prevent passengers from being placed in this degree of danger“ Bohrer further noted, that “at 40 minutes out, the aircraft should have been preparing for final approach and landing. A proper announcement should have been made to advise these passengers to be in their seats with seatbelts securely fastened. Given the number of passengers and crew who were not seat belted, someone really messed up.”

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