Flightinjury.com is investigating the crash of an Airbus A300 Cargo Jet while landing at Monterrey Airport, Monterrey, Mexico

April 15, 2010
Abram I. Bohrer




At least six people, five crew, and a person on the ground, have been confirmed dead in the crash of a loaded Airbus A300 which was attempting to land late Tuesday night. The Airbus A300 was trying to land in rain at about 11 p.m. Tuesday when it crashed on a road leading to the international airport for Mexico’s third-largest city.

The aircraft, registration number XA-203 B4F-TEU, was owned and operated by Mexico City-based Aerotransportes de Carga Union, had taken off from Mexico City, and was scheduled to continue on to Los Angeles, California. It crashed on the avenue that connects the German Miguel road to the airport, very near a hotel in eastern the metropolitan area of Monterrey, capital of Nuevo León

Federal Police reported that the accident victims are the captain Adolfo Muller Pazos, José Manuel Guerra copilots Juarez Humberto Castillo Vera, the mechanic Erick Guzman and another employee of the company identified as Manfred Muller.

In addition, Civil Protection confirmed that another person died, has not yet been identified and traveling in a car, which was crushed by the aircraft.

Trained dogs are supposedly at the scene searching for a possible seventh victim.

Authorities reported no distress call from the pilots prior the crash, and had by late yesterday, had recovered the aircraft’s two black boxes and were submitting them for analysis.