European Authorities Ban More Airbus Helicopter Flights Following Fatal Crash

May 18, 2016
Abram I. Bohrer

Bohrer & Lukeman, an aviation accident law firm with offices in New York and New Jersey, is continuing to monitor the developments and findings following a tragic helicopter crash which took the lives of all aboard.

Attorney Abram Bohrer – the law firm’s founder – has learned that following last month’s fatal helicopter crash in Norway, UK and Norwegian authorities quickly stopped all flights on the Airbus H225 Super Puma helicopter, the aircraft involved in the crash. Now, just two weeks since the incident, regulators have decided to ground another Airbus helicopter model due to safety concerns.

Previously, the ban only applied to the exact model involved in the crash: the H225 Super Puma, also known as the EC225LP. This Airbus model was grounded for all commercial flights in the UK and Norway. The UK Civil Aviation Authority and Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority have decided to extend the ban to similarly include the AS332L2, another Super Puma variant.

“The decision to extend the restriction is based on the close similarities between the two types of helicopter and neither helicopter can be used by either UK or Norwegian operators for commercial flights,” said the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Currently the restrictions do not apply to search-and-rescue flights.

The accident remains under investigation by the Norwegian authorities and the ban on the Airbus helicopters will likely remain in effect until the cause of the crash is determined.

The helicopter crash and general aviation attorneys at Bohrer & Lukeman are closely following this tragic accident and will continue to monitor the investigations and update its readers.

Abram Bohrer, a New York based aviation and helicopter crash lawyer, has previously called into question the routine inspection and maintenance procedures of the helicopter’s owner and operator as a potential area of inquiry. Bohrer was quoted as saying, ”Is it possible that a simple inspection could have discovered the flaw that caused these families to lose so much?”