March 5, 2015
Abram I. Bohrer

Flight accident lawyers at the New York Aviation lawfirm, Bohrer & Lukeman, are closely monitoring the events pertaining to this morning’s crash landing of Delta flight 1036 at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Based on photographs and video taken shortly after the accident, the MD-88 aircraft apparently skidded and overran runway 13, coming to rest on an embankment just short of the water. Weather appears to be a contributing factor as the flight crew was attempting to land in snow, freezing rain and reduced visibility. These weather conditions, coupled with what was described by a local meteorologist as a 16 knot tail wind, may have complicated the landing and contributed to the loss of control of the aircraft. The main fuselage of the aircraft seemed intact, and the evacuation of passengers seemed and was reported as orderly. Thankfully, initial reports suggest no life threatening injuries on scene although some passengers were taken to nearby hospitals. We will continue to monitor the latest developments in this breaking news story.