Bohrer & Lukeman Retained in United Flight 23 Severe Turbulence Incident

November 27, 2013
Abram I. Bohrer

The aviation accident and airline injury attorneys at Bohrer & Lukeman have been retained in connection with serious injuries suffered by a passenger aboard United Airlines Flight 23 en route from Newark to Dublin on October 20th 2013. The severe turbulence incident was reported by various media outlets after the aircraft reportedly dropped several thousand feet while on approach to Dublin.

According to printed news accounts, “We hit a pretty bad downdraft and we have some passengers hurt so we need some ambulances to meet the flight,” the pilot said to air traffic control after encountering the rough air, according to air traffic control audio.

Later, the co-pilot added, “It might be as many as six or seven people so might need a couple of ambulances.”

Bohrer & Lukeman has monitored this in flight accident since it occurred and is continuing our investigation into the cause of this in flight accident.