Flight Injury Lawyers Discuss Overhead Bin Malfunctions

A report by the Flight Safety Foundation revealed that thousands of passenger every year suffer head and neck injuries as a result of bags falling from overheard bins. Passengers are familiar with the announcement to "please be careful when opening overhead bins as their contents may have shifted during flight." However, airlines do not tell their passengers that if the overhead bins malfunction and flight injuries occur, the airline may be responsible.

Flight Injury Lawyers - Overhead Bin Malfunctions

Airplane accident lawyers Bohrer & Lukeman have successfully represented numerous passengers injured by bin malfunctions that caused luggage to fall and hurt them.

In some cases, the bin "pops" open because another passenger has overstuffed it and the flight attendants have failed to properly inspect the aircraft. Moreover, if the accident and injury occurs during the course of an international flight, the airline may be liable under the Montreal Convention and may be required to pay damages for the actions of another passenger even if the accident was caused by the actions of another passenger.

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