Flight Injuries Attorney - Coffee and Hot Liquid Burns

Burns are serious injuries and can require immediate emergency medical care. Every year, many passengers experience these types of flight injuries by flight attendants. Typically, the flight attendants fail to exercise reasonable care when they are pouring scalding beverages into flimsy plastic cups supported by thin plastic trays. Any movement of the aircraft, or even being bumped by another flight attendant or passenger can cause the liquid to spill onto an innocent passenger.  A serious burn can require skin grafting surgery and leave permanent scarring. Moreover, deep penetrating burns can permanently kill nerve endings and leave the affected area permanently discolored and numb.

Your airplane accident attorney at Bohrer & Lukeman notes that if the burn injury occurs during the course of an international flight, the case may be subject to the Montreal Convention. If the burn occurs during the course of a domestic flight, the passenger must prove that the flight attendant was negligent in causing his or her burn.

The airplane accident lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman have successfully litigated in-flight injuries on behalf of passengers on both domestic and international flights. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a burn, contact a airplane crash lawyer at our office for a free evaluation today.